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The anamnesis is the first step of any dental and medical treatment. The first dialogue with the patient is important to achieve the correct diagnosis.

The first consultation involves anamnesis, general dental check up and primary cancer screening of the oral cavity. We usually collect all the data that the patient is giving us: habits, pains, familiar history for some diseases.

Our diagnostic procedures begin with a dialogue with the patient who can express feelings, symptoms and problems; we collect data on the medical and dental history. We can use some screening exams about the major diseases of dental interest (screening for oral diseases, disorders and muscles, periodontitis, the karyology, occlusion, etc.) in order to establish the risk level. With our digital X-ray diagnostic system we can take panoramic pictures as well as intra-horal x-rays, which are needed for the periodontal state.

Preliminary treatment plan: the dentist will suggest a preliminary treatment plan based on the information gathered from diagnostic tests. It should be aimed basically to eliminate oral infections, to treat the emergencies, and relieve the pain. The patient receives a first draft of therapy, an estimate on costs and duration of therapy.