Periodontal disease is associated with other systemic diseases, because of it Praxis Martinolli works together with cardiologists, diabetologists and gynecologists.

Our team takes care of periodontics in all its completeness, from causal therapy to surgical resection, mucogingival surgery and regenerative treatments. We work mainly together with Dr. Bruderhofer and his colleagues thanks to a mutual interest to offer specialized care to our patients in every dental field.We are dispose to collaborate with other colleagues too. We ask our colleagues to fill out a document with general information about the patients to make the communication easier.

Dear Colleague,
Thank you for your confidence. We are delighted to be working together.
Please fill out the form, and give it to his patients as well as the periodontal status (if they have it) at the time of the first visit in our study.
This will make the communication clearer and faster.
Thank you.